Coaching and Umpiring in NBSA

Technical Programs 

Here are some of the technical programs we have organized in the past, but today organizing such training programs have been hampered by the dearth of equipment for teams to support growth after training. We expect such equipment to be used by trained Coaches to strengthen their teams.

We intend to redirect the efforts of the Clubs so that in future they will be able to raise their own equipment and maintain them with little or no assistance coming from the National Federation.

Another major challenge here is the availability of knowledgeable and experienced trainers who will raise the standard of play to meet the international standard. This is very crucial to the success of our coaching program. Many Coaches have passed through our technical programs in NBSA in the last 20 years and they remain assets to the association. The sports of baseball and softball can make use of these men and women if there are retraining and upgrading of skills.

We suggest that this should be the focus of assistance that should be worked with those interested in the development of baseball in Nigeria:

Coaching programs organized from 1989

i) Basic Course 1 baseball coaching, in Ilorin, May 1990
ii) Baseball Coaching Clinic facilitated by IBAF, February 1992.
iii) Basic Course II in Baseball Coaching held in Ilorin, April 1992.
iv) Integrated Course in Ilorin, June 1992.
v) Baseball Pitching Tactics facilitated by Coach Yuske Murai from Japan, April 1994.
vi) Softball Coaching Clinic facilitated by Ms Deedee Enabenter of Bridgewater State University, USA. It was held in Ilorin March 1996.

Till date

vii) Basic Course I in Baseball Coaching held in Cote d’Voire, November 1998. Nigeria attended.
viii) Basic Course in Collaboration with NOC, held in Uganda.
ix) Softball Scorers Course, Ikorodu Lagos. September 2000.
x) Scorers Clinic held in Senegal, February 2007.
xi) Two female Softball Coaches from Nigeria were sent to the US to train and assist the National Team, 1996/97.
xii) Three Players and One Coach from Nigeria was in the MLB Africa Academy held in South Africa. December 2011.