Our Challenges and prayers

We will be glad if Nigeria can feature at the world level in the IBAF Cup at all the levels. This requires immediate preparation from now.

The Association Hopes & Wishes


The association needs baseball equipment such as gloves, bats, balls to give to teams that can ginger them to continue with training and take part in our scheduled competitions at the national level in all the categories such Under12, Under15 and Senior.


The association will also need equipment to give to schools and teams after coaching clinics so that participants can go-ahead to start teams and begin to train for competitions.


The NBSA need experienced Coaches to conduct coaching clinics for our coaches who were brought to the standard at the international level and also raise the skills of players.


We will like a situation where the national teams could be raised and made to play international
friendlies with experienced teams from outside Nigeria particularly in the United States.


We are interested in setting up an amateur league in Nigeria that will grow into the professional league in the nearest future.


The association is interested in securing scholarships for Nigerian baseball players in American Colleges.


The NBSA is also interested in getting Nigerian baseball players to play in the American professional league.


We are hoping that baseball will be in the Olympic Games in 2020 considering the bid being
worked upon now by the IBAF and ISF. However, we must be able to prepare now to take part in and excel in that world competition.


We will like one of our teams to take part in the World Series of the little league and if possible
win the championships. This will need not less than 2 years of participation and hard work.